Get Ready For Mobile Video Ads Or Get Busy Losing Money

Have you seen the video with the funny cat that jumps into the box? How about the thousands of variations of “Sh*t {insert-your-favorite-group-here} says?” Chances are, if you did, you saw it on your mobile device.  This is no surprise as a recent study cited that over 35% of US adults own a smartphone and of those that own a smartphone, 87% use their phones as an Internet portal.

Similar to how we moved on from propeller planes to jet planes; mobile phones are quickly becoming one of the main ways we consume media. At the same time it makes making it more challenging for brands to reach their ever-more fragmented audiences. For savvy marketers however, harnessing the mobile video trend has its upside and it seems the adoption has already started.

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Can we still call the iPad an emerging device?

In our 2010 Video State of the Industry survey we inquired about emerging devices to determine whether it was in fact, a truly “emerging” sector for online video. The fields were limited, so in our most recent report (November 2011), we broadened the question and asked both advertisers and publishers about specific brands of devices.

Out of all of the emerging devices we inquired about, video ad spending on the iPad showed the most significant increase, up 18% from last year. Adding to the indicators of engagement, the growth in iPad adoption could very well be attributed to the idea that it’s the most popular device because it delivers the ideal mix of TV and video exceptionally well.

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