5 Stats You Need to Know About the State of Video in Australia

We recently released our State of Video report focusing on the emerging Australia market. In conjunction with IAB Australia, the report asked more than 160 media and marketing professionals from the region their thoughts on the online video market and where it is poised to go in the coming year.

While a number of trends and insights emerged from their responses, five stats are of particular note and show the challenges and opportunities ahead for the video market:


Read the full report at: http://info.adap.tv/AUS_SOIReport.html

Mi9′s Marc Barnett on Online Video: “We’ve Gone Past the Tipping Point”

It’s been quite a year for digital video around the world, having seen a number of massive shifts and acceleration of consolidation in the space.

The Australia digital video market is no exception, with a number of trends — from programmatic to cross-platform — taking hold. Adap.tv’s Adapt Conference Sydney will tackle many of those topics on November 13; in the meanwhile, we got in touch with one of the premier speakers scheduled to take the stage: Mi9′s Commercial Director, Marc Barnett.

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Land of the Rising Streams: Adap.tv’s Qz Hashimoto on Growing Video in Japan

Adap.tv recently announced another huge expansion in the Asia continent with a brand new office in Tokyo, Japan. (Read MediaPost’s coverage of the news here.)

Along with our expanded operations in the region, we also announced that Hisashige “Qz” Hashimoto would lead our new and expanding team on the ground there as representative director of AOL Online Japan and Adap.tv’s Japan operations.

While the U.S. boasts the largest video ad market in the world right now, Japan is still in the beginning stages of figuring out video. In fact, Qz often says, “In Japan, there is no video ad market” to describe the current state of streaming media in the country. Clearly, lots of education and training needs to be done to tap into the potential of video in a region that boasts surging adoption of connected devices

That’s where Qz sees the greatest opportunity to propel Japan in the global video market. His team has already hit the ground running, signing the first Japanese deal after making a big splash at ad:tech Tokyo in mid-September. We connected with him and asked him a few questions about joining the company, continuing Adap.tv’s momentum globally and how he will help clients grow their video business in East Asia.

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