Advertising Assurance: A Global, Multi-Lateral Approach to Protecting Brand Safety in Video Advertising

By Sean Crawford, Vice President, Global Head of Inventory

Video advertising continues to grow more than 40 percent every year, according to eMarketer. It’s no surprise that the influx of money and interest in the space has attracted very sophisticated criminal organizations and enticed others to employ gimmicks and games to take advantage of advertisers. has always understood that the future of TV and video depends on maintaining the efficacy of the Web, and, to that end, has always had safety as its top priority to bring greater transparency and accountability to video buyers and sellers globally.

Today, we are unveiling the evolution of our efforts: Advertising Assurance, a set of adaptive measures that aim to protect brand investments in the industry’s largest, safest and most diverse video marketplace.

Advertising Assurance draws upon existing first- and third-party technologies integrated to work in tandem with each other within’s buyer and seller platforms, Audience Path and Demand Path respectively. Protecting those transacting in video requires a multi-lateral approach, addressing the industry-wide issues of fraud, viewability and placement accuracy together, rather than piecemeal. Advertising Assurance provides marketers with a crystal clear understanding of and actionable insights about the audiences they are reaching within video.

We understand that those who seek to defraud the system will use any number of known and yet unknown tactics to do so – what worked yesterday may not necessarily work tomorrow. We have brought together the best available technologies, from our own development (such as the industry’s first certified viewability solution for video) and through third-party partnerships, which adapt to the tactics of those who seek to maliciously take advantage of video advertising.

An open technology platform allows us to extend our brand safety developments with powerful third-party solutions, and we are happy to announce a key integration with Integral Ad Science, a leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence in real-time. They have been an important complement in our efforts to stay ahead of the latest issues threatening the value of video advertising.

Avi Goldwerger, VP of Marketing, Integral Ad Science, added: “Through this partnership, can utilize data to protect their clients by ensuring that all ads are served to humans and that the media placement is brand safe, appropriate and reflects favorably on the brand.”

Because methodologies and technical capabilities vary widely, we continue to experiment with and evaluate additional partner solutions to augment and optimize our efforts, and they are made available through’s App Center, a centralized place to discover, integrate and manage best-in-breed ad and safety technologies.

While has taken one of the most aggressive approaches to protecting brand safety in video, we know it requires an even greater, concerted effort by the whole industry to create the standards and processes within which video advertising can safely thrive. The IAB’s Traffic of Good Intent Task Force (TOGI) is leading the way on that front and has already produced valuable guidelines, with input from, Integral Ad Science and other digital leaders, to help identify, understand and raise awareness of fraud and other issues. Similarly, the Media Rating Council (MRC) and IAB are moving to improve the quality of measurement and standardize viewability metrics, and we highly encourage adoption of their guidelines once finalized for video advertising.

We also encourage additional collaboration within the advertising community to continue offering a united front against those scheming to take advantage of the global trend of internet-delivered video, and we will continue our multi-lateral effort to bringing greater value to marketers around the world.

For more information about’s Advertising Assurance, contact us at or reach out to your client representative.

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