The explosion of connected TVs

As sight sound motion expands to a seemingly endless array of emerging platforms, the challenge of defining engagement in a way that pleases all video buyers remains profound. According to the recent State of the Video Industry Report, the biggest surprise in cross-platform growth was connected TVs – up 20 percent from 2011. Furthermore, 39 percent of buyers say they will add smart TVs to their media plan within 12 months.

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Video Planning: Three is the magic number

Ever notice that, except for the Jonas Brothers, the best things come in groups of three?

  • Faith, Hope and Love
  • Three Little Pigs
  • Three Musketeers
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash (Much respect, Neil Young, but you just don’t work for me here)

Three is a magic number, particularly when it comes to effective planning for online video, which is seldom one-dimensional. Rather, a successful video campaign is the culmination of three distinct components, each working independently to support the collective.  In their most familiar and compartmentalized terms, those three distinct components are:  1) Precision at Scale 2) Engagement; and 3) Measurement.

As a part of our ongoing efforts here at to make online video advertising a more efficient and successful place, here’s what we’ve learned about each one:

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TVideo Metrics

As TV and video continue to come together, the glaring void in completing the loop is unified metrics. Two-thirds (64%) of agencies and brands surveyed in the State of the Video Industry Report, feel it’s of key importance to the growth of our industry. Another signal that demand for “TVideo” metrics is growing?

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What the ad industry really thinks about TV and online video

Given the choice of with which medium online video should be most aligned – TV, online display or “other,” the majority of brands, agency, ad networks and DSPs surveyed, chose TV over display. An 11 percent minority is still unsure whether online video represents a new medium entirely, but even fewer respondents suggested that online video might be a replacement for TV.

Nearly two thirds of respondents across the industry (62 percent) said that their use of online video is more likely to be a complement to TV rather than a replacement for TV (10 percent), and respondents to the latter have diminished from last Fall’s query. Some 28 percent say the medium is “neither” a complement nor a replacement, implying that it stands alone.

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Industry + Video = It’s On!

Yesterday we presented the State of the Video Industry Report in conjunction with Digiday and not surprisingly, industry optimism is healthy. 96% of video buyers we surveyed estimate that their 2012 video ad budgets will increase by at least 23%. On the flip-side, publishers are also bullish at the forecast, as they should be. The majority of them (80%) told us that their CPMs had increased an average of 11% from 2011 and fill-rates are up 14%.

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