Re-defining pre-roll for better measurability and performance

Over the last two years, the Marketplace has seen an interesting trend with regards to the demand for pre-roll inventory. What we’re seeing is that buyers are becoming increasingly more willing to run their pre-roll ads in front of content that does not necessarily conform to the IAB definition of pre-roll inventory.

To understand why this is happening, you have to first start with IAB’s initial definition of pre-roll, “…a Linear video ad spot that appears before the video content plays.”  Sounds simple enough, right?

The challenge as it turns out to be is that the IAB’s definition severely limits the amount of publisher inventory available that is strictly linear and before video content. That’s a huge problem for an industry that blew up in 2011 and is expected to grow ~43% in 2012. The increase in ad spending and associated increase in demand for pre-roll video inventory forces buyers to constantly search for new pre-roll video inventory sources to satiate their client’s increasing budget appetites.

What we are beginning to see are buyers tapping into the millions of impressions and more importantly, millions of users, on inventory sources who are ripe for pre-roll ads, but do not have traditional video content; for example, casual gaming content such as games on Facebook.

Combining non-traditional pre-roll inventory allows buyers to expand their reach and improve their ability to seamlessly track ad performance across all content and inventory types. The net result? A powerful source of scalable, cost-effective pre-roll inventory.

By molding the antiquated definition of pre-roll video to the constantly evolving needs of the video advertising landscape, demand sources are able to keep up with their client’s desire to spend more ad dollars in a transparent and trusted manner.

When that happens, everyone wins.

Michael Beckman, Sales Manager for

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