From Farm-to-Web: How programmatic buying is changing the way advertising works

When was the last time you ate at a restaurant where you knew exactly where your food was sourced from? If you’re a fan of the Farm-to-Table movement, the answer is probably pretty recently.

Until now, the sourcing of ad inventory at scale was a lot like the pre-“Farm-to-Table” Movement. Though the ad network model made it very easy for media buyers to purchase inventory, the media buyer would have a very tough time understanding what the “ingredients” were and where they were coming from.

The emergence of programmatic buying is beginning to dismantle this model of mass-produced, genetically modified buying/ingredients. Buyers are becoming increasingly interested in how the inventory they are purchasing is sourced and sold, and it is this method of buying that enables the agencies to obtain these insights.

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Where is data targeting most effective?


This is the question on many advertisers’ minds these days.  Advertisers with user data on hand show the strongest video advertising engagement results. However results vary among different advertisers.  Technology advertisers with access to user data on potential customers reap big results while other industries, such as Auto, may find purchasing third party data to be more effective.

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Superbowl TV ads and online advertising – what this year’s big event told us

The Superbowl and its annual ad blitz is now a blip in the rear view mirror and Eli Manning and his team are somewhere where the sun packs more energy than East Rutherford, NJ this time of year.  So what happened to all the ad buzz?  I remember a time when you used to anticipate the Superbowl as much for the ads as for the game itself.  Now it seems the hype happens long before the coin is tossed.

Watching the ads during the game has become the ‘.’ at the end of the sentence and is symbolic for the state of broadcast television in general.  For the most part, “television” ads are touted way before the game, in any and all places that have nothing to do with television.   According to MediaPost, over 50% of this year’s ads could be viewed online prior to the Superbowl, whereas last year there were only a handful.

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MediaPost: The Shifting Tides of Video Advertising

We don’t use travel agents to book flights anymore, we can do all of our banking digitally, there’s no need for record stores since our music is just a mouse click away and our friends all stay in touch through social networks. Virtually every facet of life has experienced a transformation from an old, manual process to a newer, more automated way. If we value the conveniences offered and the capabilities afforded to us by self-service and automation, why are we still trading advertising like it’s the 1960s?

Toby Gabriner, President at

I heart ad tech

For those of you who are unlikely to be unaware of it – the world celebrated Valentines Day this week.   Balloons and flowers filled the store windows, couriers zipped through the streets with colorful baskets of surprises and there was a certain warmth in the air – even on a freezing New York City morning.  Universally, it is the day to express your love and gratitude to the person or people in your life that matter. What makes this day all the more special is that there is only limited time we physically have to share – whether it is over a lifetime, a year or a 50-hour working week.  That is why we have a whole day dedicated to reminding us to do it.

Professionally too, we need this reminder.  There is a lot of noise in the ad tech industry about automation.  Millions of trades take place daily without a single person talking to another person.  Real time decisions are made by increasingly sophisticated technology with minimal errors and maximum efficiencies.  Trading desks and self-service platforms have removed the need for human interaction.   Or have they?

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Netimperative: Online video advertising – Can we make the complicated, simple?

The European online video advertising market saw a growth of 100% in the first half of 2011*. But what are the reasons for this success and can it continue?

Like any ‘new’ sector, online video marketing is on a steep learning curve. It has made impressive progress in recent months at tackling the challenge of the complicated nature of the digital industry and the complexity of linking buyers and sellers online. So although there is still a lot to be done before we are able to encourage all brands, networks, agencies and publishers to adopt the medium, some straightforward activities can be undertaken to smooth the path of the sector’s next phase of growth.

An important point to acknowledge is that technology can be a double-edged sword. Whilst it enables the growth and innovation in online video advertising, to many people it can be daunting. As an industry we need to remember that there is a tendency to use terms with which we are all familiar, such as programmatic buying’ and the slue of acronyms like DMP, DSP and SSP. However, if we can move away from ‘talking techie’ and become more relatable to the TV people at agencies and their clients, we will make it easier for people outside the sector to understand its benefits.

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Brian Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Europe for

Online video and TV – has there ever been a better match?

Can we finally stop talking about online video replacing TV? Video ad budgets are not coming predominantly at the expense of TV budgets, as was previously thought; in fact, advertisers are embracing online video as an ideal complement to their TV buys.

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